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Buy and Sell

Helping out families to find a suitable sweet home of their choice and budget. Assisting the sellers to sell their real estate at a very good and reasonable price.

Rent and Management

Finding a nice place for people to stay who are here for a short time by renting them a house or flat of their choice and demands in their preferable location.

Investment and Appraisal

Investing the investors’ money in the best real estate project that would minimize risk factors and maximize profit for the investor.

Happy Client Syas

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“Hossain Kabir was referred by a co-worker to us and from the start of the process he provided excellent support and continues on, well after completion. Without reservations, we highly recommend Mr. Kabir if you are looking for the best real estate agent in minto. Kabir continued his journey with us and talked to us about the home purchasing process and the emerging reality of the real estate industry. Kabir gave us ideas on neighborhoods that might fit our needs and on the type of home we could expect to find within our budget, based upon our input (budgets, ideal house, and ideal location). He is as good as advertised.”

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“We were impressed by the way Mr.Kabir has treated us as a family and future tenants of the property. We were extremely worried about our rental and management and so we looked up into MR Hossain Kabir as our property consultant. All along our journey, he’s been really understanding and helpful towards our family. He speaks in the most straight forwards manner possible and been able to fulfill the needs of our family. He treated us fairly. It is quite hard to find such a qualified real estate in Minto but Mr. Kabir has absolutely kicked the real game off. We couldn’t have been happier to have such an experienced real estate agent in Minto other than Mr. Kabir. I have recommended Mr. Kabir as one of the best real estate agent in Minto to my relatives and colleagues. And so far, they have the same reviews as mine. They are really satisfied with such a trusted real estate agent. “

About Me

My name is Hossain Kabir. I am a professional and experienced real estate agent in Minto, Australia. I have been living in Australia for around 14 years. In the Real estate business, I have a solid successful experience of 5 years. Within this years of my career as a property consultant in Minto, I have successfully sold properties for sellers for a very good and attractive price that the seller couldn’t get on his own.

While working as a property consultant I had the opportunity to work for different clients which has helped me develop ways on how to increase a price of a property that is on sale, how to make improvements that would boost up the price. Also, I have gained a very important and effective skill on how to get sellers speedy offers that would quickly sell their property.

Why Hire Me as your Real Estate Agent in Minto?

Real Estate Agent in Minto

The success of a real estate manager comes from their experience. And I have a vault full of it. The success I have till of now is only because of the experience that I got satisfying families with their most perfect home. Here are some reasons why my success comes in every step. My new and effective advertising and campaigns produce maximum exposure ensuring the reach of targeted audiences.

  • I have a consistent proven record of obtaining the best possible outcomes for my clients.

  • I allow my real buyers to come and inspect any time they want. There is no time binding for them for visitation.

  • As a local expert, I orchestrate my services to ensure it meets the individual’s requirements and criteria, giving them a memorable real estate experience.

  • I keep my clients well informed during the entire selling process and also actively search for qualified potential buyers throughout the process.

  • My strategic and careful planning has proven to maximize the profit for any buyers or sellers or even investors.

What is Real Estate?

Before we begin, let us define the main subject of the website, “Real Estate”.

A Real Estate is an actual property that has lands and also improvements. This includes houses and buildings, roads, fixtures, structures, and not to forget, utility system. There is a right called the Property Right that allows the owner the title of ownership which gives him access to land improvements, and the natural resources provided by the Mother Nature like minerals, animals, plants, water, etc.

There are several types of real estate. Each of this type has its own unique reason or purpose and utility. Of all the categories or types of real estate there is, here are some of the main categories that one should know or understand.

  • Land

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

Types of Real Estate

Some of you might be interested to know about the mentioned categories. Here are a few words about the types of categories I mentioned above to get you started with.


This is the absolute baseline for all the types of real property there are. Basically, Land means under developed property or an empty land. Nothing has been done on the land and therefore it is a vacant land.  What developers do is that they acquire such lands and combines it with other lands and properties which is also called “assembly”. They rezone this in order to increase the density and thus increases the property value.


The residential real estate has housings for families, individuals, or also for group of people. Most people in Australia are familiar with this type of real estate. As this falls under the most common type of real estate, therefore people have more ideas and knowledge about it. In residential, you get different types of houses for example, apartments, single or family homes, townhouses, condominiums, and also other kinds of living arrangements. As a real estate agent in Australia, I can help you know more about this and also help you choose the perfect roof your family.

Examples of Real Estate Property and Housing

As I have now given you some yet sufficient knowledge about the four main categories of real estate, I am now going to help you understand the different types of housing. This list will help you choose the most perfect housing for you.

  • Single-Family dwelling- This is a home that is designed and made for only a single (one) family.

  • Multi-Family dwelling- This is a group of houses or homes that is designed for a group of families. This is perfect for more than one family.

  • Attached- This is a unit that is connected to another unit. This is NOT Freestanding.

  • Apartment/units/flats- Apartments are single units that are in a building of multi-unit. There are different types of apartment for example, single room apartment, and multi-room apartment. The perimeters of an apartment are often marked with locked doors and doors that are lockable. This is mostly seen in apartment buildings that have multiple floors.

  • Multi-family house- This is similar to the apartments but often found in detached buildings where you’ll see each floor is a separate unit or an apartment.

  • Condominium (Condo) – This is perfect for an individual who plans to live alone. A condo is a building that has individual units that has individual owners.

  • Detached Houses- This is a totally Free-standing building that isn’t connected to any other buildings or anything. Families who likes to stay put by themselves would prefer this very much.

  • Portable houses- This is an interesting choice for people who likes their house to be mobile. To be more precise, portable houses are houses that can be moved around on a truck. This is best for the people who are always on the move or likes adventure in their life.

  • Villa- This is a building that as only one room in it and has a pointy, steep roof.

  • Hut- A traditional classic house that is made from raw materials like mud, clay, bamboo.

  • Granny Flat- A room designed for one or two persons. This flat normally stays on the grounds of a single family home.

  • Town house- A traditional and tall house with terrace and has multiple floors like 3 or more floors.

  • Duplex- A house having apartments with separate entrances. Normally two-story house with complete apartment on each floor.

  • Torrance title house- A Torrens Title property is the most common form of ownership for free-standing houses and some townhouses.

  • Battle axe house- It is a long and narrow driveway land area that looks like an axe handle.

  • Penthouse- This normally refers to the top floor of a tall building and one with luxurious and gorgeous fittings.

By now you have an idea about the different types of housing there are and which once is best suited for you. All you need to do now is contact me, your trusted real estate agent in Minto and I’ll take care of the rest. But before that, let me tell you what a real estate agent in Minto or a property consultant in Minto is and how do we work or function.

What is a Real Estate agent in Minto?

To begin with, Real Estate Agents are licensed professionals who are expert in arranging and handling real estate transactions, and also being a middle man between buyers. An experienced real estate agent in Minto as myself will able to put buyers and sellers together and also be the representatives of them during negotiations. A real estate agent gets their share of the money through a commission or a percentage of the property’s purchasing price. So basically as their earning through this completely depends on the commission, it is very important for them to close a deal successfully. An experienced real estate agent in Minto, just like myself should have the qualities and abilities to close a deal successfully with 100% client satisfaction that should go both ways for the buyer and the seller.

What is a Property Consultant in Minto?

A Property consultant is the same thing as a real estate agent. You can also call me a Property consultant in Minto. Just like a real estate, which I am, I can also help you with my consultancy service about which properties to buy and sell. When you type in and search “property consultant near me” I am the experience one you’ll find.

A property consultant helps you choose the best property that will best suit you according to your demands and most importantly your budget. An experienced real estate agent in Minto will always give priority to your budget and help you get the best deal in the best price.

My experience as a real estate agent has made me a human data bank. I have a complete grasp on the fact that which real estate would cost what. I have helped buyers get settled down with a house of their choice and price. Seeing my clients smile with joy when the procedures are complete and they move in is unexplainable.

If you are a Bangladeshi coming to settle down here in Australia them I believe I am the most perfect property consultant for you. I have also worked with Chinese people who moved here in Australia and was looking for a house.

If you have made it this far then you are now fully aware of what real estate is and what are real estate agent of property consultant. If you are in Australia Minto, and looking for the best Real Estate Agent in Minto, then just type in “real estate agents near me” and I am right there with my service ready to help you out with your real estate.

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