If you are looking for suburbs to reside in around New South Wales, then Minto is just the right place for you. Minto is in the Macarthur district, 46 kilometers southwest of Sydney’s CBD. It is part of the Campbelltown local area. It was formerly known as Campbellfield but was renamed Minto in 1874, and development began in the 1950s.

Following the creation of a significant industrial estate in the region, a large parcel of land on the suburb’s east side became a site for government low-cost housing, and the area’s metamorphosis from a village to a suburb was completed.

Minto is chosen by many residents recently because of its high-quality amenities and opportunities as much as a suburb can provide. The immaculate quality of environment and surroundings constituting of all your needs and luxuries- what else do you need in a place for living?

New streets and residences are being built in the area, as well as a new housing estate named One Mint, which includes both private and public housing. Minto Marketplace (previously Minto Mall) has been rebuilt and rebranded to include major stores as well as a range of eating alternatives.

Minto has five elementary schools and is well-served by buses and railways. It’s a fantastic area to reside for people searching for more cheap housing while yet being accessible to big suburbs.

Also, Minto is comparatively less densely populated than other areas, so you will find your maximum comfort here.

5 reasons why living in Minto

Here are 5 reasons why living in Minto will be the most beneficial for you:

Availability of basic life amenities

You can fulfill all of your basic needs and more by living in this area, making the best use of the services available.

Good transport with buses and trains as well as a huge shopping center, good sporting community with lots of kids playing sports on weekends, the schools in the area need a good kick up the behind though as there is rife bullying and slack discipline from both schools and parents.

In Minto, there isn’t much traffic. It’s very quiet and peaceful. When you look at the location now, you won’t believe you’re in Minto. It’s a fantastic place to raise your children. Minto will be one of Sydney’s most beautiful areas in three years.

Best housing property deals

You can find your best property sales with the maximum standard of living in Minto. The revamped suburb and the recent infrastructure improvement have made Minto a better living place than ever!

The housing properties can be put to good use if you decide to invest in Minto. A real estate agent in Minto like me can help you find the best housing according to your interest and the best price you’ll ever get. The buy and sell services of my real estate agency deals with the best properties of Minto, and I can help you find the best deal ever. The housing properties of Minto can be a great investment if you have the right real estate agent.

No need to move again

If you settle down here in Minto once, you wouldn’t need to move anywhere else again. The services and amenities here are top-notch, and you will find ultimate comfort while living here.

While the suburb is also growing rapidly in terms of infrastructure and availability of resources, you can find your changing needs constantly while living in this place. The surroundings are filled with playing parks for kids, where the elderly people can also take a walk. Available markets and groceries, entertainment zones will make your life peaceful and hassle-free, and you won’t need to move to someplace else for any facilities. You can also find ample hospital and medical facilities here, so you won’t have to worry in case of a medical emergency situation.

Low Crime Rates

The overall look of Minto is changing today, it is not the Minto people complained about 10 years ago, with new streets and houses springing up where the housing commission formerly stood.

Since the demand for living in Minto is increasing, the policing system and the safety patrolling are also enhancing. The rate of crime is very less in Minto here, and people living in the neighborhoods are nice and friendly. So you won’t have a problem blending right in the heart of Minto. Social crime rates are below average than other towns, but that’s only because the sergeants and police are vigilant and conscious here, helping people and caring about their needs. So with the low crime rate, you can live here without any worry about safety.

Easy Transportation System

Minto is fantastic since it takes only an hour to travel into the city on the East Hills line, and there is usually a seat available. If you work or study in Parramatta or the city, it is quite handy. Some areas of Campbelltown are rather far from a train station. It’s also near to the city’s main motorway. If you buy in Minto, I believe you will get good value for money because you will have all the conveniences of major stores such as Aldi, as well as a new Woolworths, Best and Less, and Kmart, and you will be close to the rail line, and you will be able to get a new house at a reasonable price for Sydney.

It is closer to the city than Narellan, Mount Annan, and Campbelltown, has plenty of shops and probably too many takeaway chains for health nuts, but will appeal to those who like to drive 2 kilometers tops or walk to a full choice of your big chain junk food outlets, and plenty of sporting options including NRL games.


Minto is great to live in for any aged people, since the place is amicable and family-friendly, and you can be reassured at the maximum about every facility and your needs. We hope with our assistance you can find a beautiful living place in Minto and live happily ever after.