About Estate Agent Hossain Kabir

My name is Hossain Kabir. I am a professional and experienced real estate agent in Minto, Australia. I came here for my studies which were on accounting and business. My career started thanks to my uncle who helped me set up a supermarket beside Minto Train station.

In the year 2015, I decided to get involved in this real estate business with my friends. I had an interest in this field after moved into Australia. The reason I got into this business is that when my friends and I bought our first property, we realized the difficulties in making this purchase and complications that are involved with it. I understood that real estate or property is one of the most important investments for a person and their family. And a lot of expert’s advice is required before making a crucial decision like this. That is when I realized that I would ease people’s decision making by being their expert and experienced and not to forget trusted Real Estate agents in Minto.

In the Real estate business, I have a solid successful experience of 5 years. Within these years of my career as a property consultant in Minto, I have successfully sold properties for sellers for a very good and attractive price that the seller couldn’t get on his own.

While working as a property consultant I had the opportunity to work for different clients which have helped me develop ways on how to increase a price of a property that is on sale, how to make improvements that would boost up the price. Also, I have gained a very important and effective skill on how to get sellers speedy offers that would quickly sell their property.

While doing marketing and advertisement of properties, I use methods and technology to help me get the best possible outcome. My methods are very new and unique compared to the other real estate agents near me in this state. Most old agents use the old traditional method of marketing like

Hossain Kabir
posters or billboards. In this 21st century, the digital and social platform has taken over the planet. Using manual and old marketing methods are no longer effective. My methods of marketing are more digital and social platform-based. This helps me get the targeted audience for my clients. It is a very advanced and new method that has proven to be effective in bringing success.

Hossain Kabir

Why Hire me as your Estate Agent in Minto?

The success of a real estate manager comes from their experience. And I have a vault full of it. The success I have till of now is only because of the experience that I got satisfying families with their most perfect home. Here are some reasons why my success comes in every step. My new and effective advertising and campaigns produce maximum exposure ensuring the reach of targeted audiences.

  • I have a consistent proven record of obtaining the best possible outcomes for my clients.

  • I allow my real buyers to come and inspect any time they want. There is no time binding for them for visitation.

  • As a local expert, I orchestrate my services to ensure it meets the individual’s requirements and criteria, giving them a memorable real estate experience.

  • I keep my clients well informed during the entire selling process and also actively search for qualified potential buyers throughout the process.

  • My strategic and careful planning has proven to maximize the profit for any buyers or sellers or even investors.

Not only this, I have satisfied a good number of families by providing them an attractive warm home at an affordable price. I have huge data stored in me that helps me to dig the past and help buyers put up a good price.

The quality that attracts most of my clients is that I am a pro at handling paper works and transactions for both the buyer and seller. This is something that most people are afraid of and doesn’t want to fall into the hassle. Therefore I have expertise myself in dealing with the most feared thing of buyers and sellers.

Nothing has satisfied me more than putting a smile of real happiness on the families whom I have helped get as I like to call it a “Home Sweet Home”.

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