There’s no question about how the pandemic changed home decor, the pandemic has changed how we live, especially when it comes to our homes.

In this Covid19 pandemic, as we found ourselves spending most of the time in our houses due to lockdowns and social distancing, we also had more time to figure out what we want and need in a living space. The designers are seeing a transformation of interior trends.

During the pandemic, we are putting more time and energy into more uses and spaces of our homes and designing them for a new lifestyle.

The interior designers found some structural changes like the layout, some aesthetic changes, like color choices which are a result of the pandemic. As an expert real estate agent, I think it’s my duty to help you on this part.

7 Changes in Home Designs the Interior Designers Share

Private spaces are back

In this covid19 pandemic, online education and work from home have been normalized. So, the demand for private spaces is back.

In a family, everybody needs a private place to do office duty and online classes. So, the living room and free spaces have been transformed into a little studio or office room.

The need for private space has become more important again as families worked and studied from home this past year. Big, beautiful open layouts have been all the rage, but they’re embracing the coziness and intimacy smaller so that more private spaces can be managed.

Home offices are getting the highest priority

One of the main spaces to get major private treatment is the home office.

The homeowners are dedicating spaces to their work hours and setting up these spaces more reminiscent of a traditional office where they can leave the workday behind.

Having a pleasing aesthetic background for a full day is getting priority nowadays. Because the office workers are staying in front of zoom calls for 7 to 8 hours.

It’s a matter of impression and reputation of having a proper background which will provide an office-friendly environment. So, the background color, decoration, and other pieces of stuff get a massive change in this Covid19 pandemic.

Natural light, pretty artwork, plants, and no clutter are all things that are getting people’s prioritization when it comes to setting up and decorating a video call space.

People are getting creative with underutilized spaces

Before the pandemic, people used to spend most of their time on days outside the home. So, they were not very concerned about every corner of their house.

But now, a lot of people are looking to turn any currently unused space, like a basement, into multipurpose rooms. They want to utilize the spaces.

As for the lockdown, people are staying at home constantly, they are observing their house and thinking to make a change in their living space.

Attics, garages, living rooms, dining rooms, and spare bedrooms are also being turned into new spaces, like home offices, craft rooms, and even wine cellars. People are also tending to set a home gym as they cannot go to the gym for lockdown. So, they’re setting the gym equipment in their spare room.

Some are making a small area for chilling with family. They’re decorating their room to read books, draw pictures and spend some quality time there.

The Home Spa trend is also getting people’s attention nowadays. The free spaces are using for Ayurvedic treatment and relaxing.

Outdoor spaces are getting more attention

People are spending a lot more time outdoors with friends and family outside of their household because, it feels safer in this pandemic rather than going outside the home. So, outdoor spaces are getting more attention.

Now, people love to decorate the outdoor spaces with their favorite trees, cushions, sofa sets, chairs, mattes, colorful lights, etc.

It’s not just the chairs and tables. The whole setup is changing and it gives an outdoor living room environment. It gives an extension of the main living space.

Some people love to put on a TV to have a movie night.

The photogenic people are decorating their outdoors like a studio. They’re setting lights, filling with different decorative accessories to click aesthetic photos with outside vibes setting at home.

Colors are getting bolder

White walls and neutral colors always become people’s first choice. Because it’s visually expanding the home spaces and gives a relaxing environment. But, this pandemic changes the concept a little bit.

Living with white color for 24 hours is very monotonous and depressing. So, the color pattern is getting changes. Now, the preference is to put multiple and bright colors in every room.

The craftwork and funky designs in walls are also getting preferences. House owners are putting different designs on the walls according to their choices.

Besides applying multiple colors, people are also looking for a soothing and calming place. So, they are feeling with greenery and natural light colors.

Bringing nature to the house

The tradition of bringing nature to the house has increased in this lockdown.

Some people love to get in touch with nature but cannot get it due to the situation. They want to set up some greenery in their house.

So, plantation gets more preference in this covid19 pandemic.

Probably staying indoors has led to increased interest in gardening as a hobby.

Sanitized Entryways

Many interior decorations have been changes for want of proper sanitization.

To keep homes safe, clean, and free from diseases, entryways will become clearly defined transitional spaces where you can remove your shoes, hang jackets and sanitize your hands and body before entering the house.

An air purification system has been adopted in this covid-19 pandemic. People are now more concerned about cleaning their house by limiting the amount of unfiltered air from outside.


Home is our heaven. No matter what your job is, how much money you earn, you always dream to have a home where you’ll live happily and comfortably.

So, it’s our choice how we want to live in our home. We always changed our house decorations to stay healthy and comfortable with our family. As homes play greater roles in our daily lives, they will need to adapt to entertain more activities and services.

But the before and after seen of Covid-19 has so many differences. The house decoration demand has been increased. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to reconsider the way we live and build in the future.

Ultimately I will say that ‘Happy house and happy life’.