Selling your house is undoubtedly one of the most emotional, costly, and time-consuming events of your life, which is why so many homeowners ponder about how to choose the best agent to sell their home.

A real estate agent will be your (or, more appropriately, your house’s) strongest champion during the intricate process of selling your home.

However, with thousands of agents to choose from, it’s difficult to know who to trust. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of helpful hints to ensure you discover one that meets your requirements. I can be your trustful real estate agent to help you sell your home in New South Wales.

Choosing the best agent to sell your home

Choosing the best agent to sell your home

From beginning to end, a real estate agent should be involved. A seller’s agent will provide advice early on about how to effectively prepare a home for sale. Repairs and small enhancements will be suggested by the agent. It’s possible that staging will be suggested to emphasize the home’s potential. The realtor and the seller then decide on a price for the home jointly.

Here is a step-by-step process to walk you through the process of how to choose the best agent to sell your home:

Finding real estate agents

Don’t hire the first agent you come across. Not only will your agent be in charge of organizing the sale of your house, but they will also be in charge of handling the money involved. First and foremost, ask your friends and family for suggestions. This is the most useful type of feedback you can obtain about an agent since it comes from people who aren’t interested in providing you anything except their most honest opinions.

Second, meet and interview each agent to discover whether they are a good fit for your requirements and personality. Remember that what works for your aunt or cousin might not work for you. Finally, don’t limit yourself to just one interview. Make sure you’ve spoken with at least three agents so you have a good selection.

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Flood your agent with questions

Before you choose an agent, be sure they’re a good fit for you personally and professionally, and that they have the necessary qualifications to properly represent you.

Here’s a list of questions to get you started –

  • Request a list of homes they’ve recently sold, as well as contact information for previous clients you may call for recommendations. If you didn’t acquire recommendations from friends or family, looking for ex-clients of your agent is the next best thing to gaining a fair, unbiased assessment of their talents.
  • Learn about the strategy they’ll use to advertise your house. This is an excellent question since it puts your agent’s abilities and expertise to the test. If they look hesitant, don’t seem to have any understanding of property values in your region, or don’t know the sort of clients to target and how to contact them, you should go on to the next interview.
  • Is their job as a real estate agent full-time or part-time? A full-time property agent, on the other hand, would typically have more time, resources, and experience than a part-time agent who has a day job. That doesn’t mean you should throw out part-time agents right away; inquire about their working hours and arrangements to see whether they’re a good fit for you. The most crucial thing is that they devote their time to assisting you in the sale of your house.
  • Find out how much they estimate your home is worth in today’s market and how they arrived at that amount. This is a terrific method to assess how informed your property agent is about the industry and if they’re professional enough to show up for your interview prepared. Of course, you’ll need to do your study on this one so you can determine whether the agent’s response is correct or simply hot air.
  • How will they keep you informed about the sale’s progress, and how often will they do so? This is crucial because it sets the tone for your relationship with your real estate agent right from the start. If you’re the sort that needs frequent updates, even if it’s only to let you know that the sale isn’t moving forward, be sure your agent is up to the task. Ensure that the manner of communication is also in harmony. If you don’t want to get updates by SMS and prefer phone calls, let the agent know right once and see if they agree.
  • If they don’t deliver, don’t be scared to leave. It’s understandably difficult to have to let someone go, but if your agent isn’t following through on the promises he or she made to you, don’t allow the discomfort to get in the way of finding a better individual to manage your sale. There’s a lot of money on the line here, and being kind doesn’t get you any additional points.

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What to look for the best real estate agent

You should look for some specific qualities in your real estate agent:

  1. familiarity with the surrounding environment and community
  2. Takes the time to learn about the attributes of the house he’s selling.
  3. Friendly and approachable
  4. Positive feedback, as well as competent handling of negative criticism
  5. Locally, you have a reputation for concluding business swiftly and effectively.
  6. Proactive problem solver and creative negotiator
  7. Has prior experience selling in your unique situation
  8. Pays attention to your requirements
  9. Provides you with a quotation right away.

Once you’ve chosen the right agent for you, use these tips to keep your relationship going strong:

Don’t be unreasonable — You must keep in mind that you are not your agent’s only customer. Possibly your agent won’t be able to pick up your call or answer your messages right away; nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you should abandon them! Allow them a decent amount of time to respond (up to a day, depending on the gravity of the situation of course).

Try to confine your conversations to acceptable hours – talk to your real estate agent about the best times and ways to contact him or her. Try to avoid phoning them too late at night as a general rule.

Trust your agent, but be cautious — an agent may try to persuade you to accept a lesser offer than you believe your house is worth. This might be because the market is weak and there isn’t enough demand to sustain the price you want. Inquire about your agent’s reasoning for pushing the offer, and conduct your own market research to see whether you’re getting a decent price.

We hope with our guidelines you have every necessary information on how to choose the best agent to sell your home.

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