Now, think that I’m a buyer. I am going to purchase a house for my family. I have my spouse and two children in my family. Now, how big of a house do I need for a family of 4?

Firstly, I’ll focus on my family member’s lifestyle, choices, and requirements. I may need an extra bedroom or living room. Or I may need an office room. Some families need an extra guest room.

If you ask me how big of a house do I need for a family of 4, I will think about these things before purchasing my house.

Also, I’ll look how my Real Estate Agent is, if he’s guiding me properly or not. As a Real Estate Agent, I’ll see if he’s mentioning all the things to consider when buying a family house or not.

The smartest way to figure out the ideal house size is to think in square feet per person. I believe the ideal square feet per person is about 600 – 700. So, the ideal house size for my family is between 2,400 – 2,800 square feet and so forth.

In 2800 square feet, there will be 3 bedrooms, 1 dining room, 3 attached bathrooms, 1 kitchen, and a free space where we can decorate how we want.

As a family of 4 members, it’s enough for us.

Sometimes it depends on your wealth. As a middle-class family, we need not more than 2800 square feet.

When you have kids, you will also desire to have a lot more space so they can play. I also want some required spaces in my house for my kids.

In determining the ideal house size and layout to raise children, I’d like to operate under the confines of a middle-class household.

The only time I want a mega-mansion is when my in-laws, parents, or other relatives come to visit. I fantasize how it’d be nice to put my guests in a separate wing with their kitchen, bathroom, and living area. This way, we can all keep our privacy while also sharing family time every day.

As I’m a Real Estate Agent, I need a separate room where I’ll do my office work. So that there will be no interruption of my family whenever I do my office work. And the tradition of working from home becomes very popular in this Covid19 pandemic.

If my bedroom has enough space, I can make a small office area for my work. If there’s no enough space, it’ll be very congested to set up. So, I can use the free space of my house as my office room.

I and my family love to do gardening. We also want free space outside our house so that the children can play there. So, I need to choose that house which has enough space outside.

I love to live calm and quiet. So, I need a residence where the neighborhood is quiet and free from the street crowd.

I want my house with 3 bedrooms. As my children are not elder enough to have a separate room, but when they will grow up they will need a separate room.

On the other hand, I also have to keep it in mind that the covid-19 pandemic has changed the home décor. The regular interior décor tradition has changed. I have to reserve some medical equipment in my house.

If anyone becomes covid-19 effected, they’ll need a proper isolation so that others cannot get sick. So, I need to have an extra bedroom with attached bathroom for quarantine.

So, I found it the smartest plan to buy a house with three bedrooms. It’s very hassled to change the house with everything. As I have spent so much money on its’ interior work, I don’t want them to waste after 4 or 5 years.

It can be difficult to figure out how much space a family may need. However, it isn’t that hard when you involve the entire family.

I encourage you to consult with the members of your household about their needs and prioritize the opinion in terms of space. This will tell you a lot more than any calculator.

As a Real Estate Agent, you are responsible to guide your customer throughout the buying process. You’ve to enlist every requirement and suggest the best house for them.