The real estate industry, like other professions, is full of various terminology and buzzwords that are frequently used by those who work in the field. A lot of this jargon is just plain unclear to everyone else.

When referring to job titles, “broker” and “real estate agent” are frequently used interchangeably. But these titles don’t exactly signify the same thing, and in order to obtain them, one must possess various skill sets and fulfill various duties. There are some key differences between the two professions. This article will guide you through the details of a real estate agent vs. a real estate broker. If you want the best real estate agent in Australia, look no further than Kabir Hossain!

Who are Real Estate Agents?

A real estate agent is a specialist who aids in the purchase and sale of real estate. However, it goes beyond that. From the seller’s commission, real estate brokers on both sides of the deal profit. The combined commission normally ranges from 5 to 6 percent, with each agent receiving a portion of the final sale price.

Real estate agents must be licensed in order to work in the state. To receive a license, agents normally need to undergo training and pass an exam. Frequently, continual education is necessary to keep a license active.

What Do Real Estate Agents Do?

A real estate agent is a person who helps individuals buy or sell a house or other real estate. This might range from modest lots and starter residences to luxurious mansions and far-off islands. One can work as a buyer’s agent to help the client acquire a home or as a listing agent to help the customer sell a home. Since there will always be a need to buy and sell homes and other property, real estate brokers are employed all over the world. Real estate agents are knowledgeable about the local laws that apply to the acquisition and disposition of a real estate.

Who are Real Estate Brokers?

In addition to being a licensed real estate agent, a real estate broker is also a licensed real estate professional in their own right. A real estate broker has knowledge that can be useful to people in real estate transactions, and just like an agent, a broker can aid with the sale or purchase of real estate. A broker’s responsibility is to guarantee that real estate transactions are legal, that all paperwork is accurate and complete, and that any funds, such as those in escrow accounts, are documented and reported legally. This is a key distinction between a broker and an agent.

Defining the Profession of Real Estate Brokers

In reality, real estate brokers are essentially real estate agents with the power to run their own firms. As a result, real estate brokers have the option of working on their own or hiring other agents to work for them. A broker can own their own brokerage and is referred to as a broker-owner if they do not work for a company. In any event, in addition to having a real estate agent/salesperson license, brokers also need to be licensed as brokers in the state where they work.

Real Estate Agent vs. Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Agent vs. Real Estate Broker

An agent is a person who holds a state-issued license to sell real estate. A broker is a person who has the legal right to run their own real estate business. A real estate agent must be employed by a licensed broker; they cannot work independently. Even though real estate agents are frequently independent contractors rather than employees, a registered broker always supervises their work.

  • An individual must complete a number of real estate courses and pass a state-specific licensing test before they may become an agent. An agent must be employed by a licensed broker in order to sell real estate legally. Agents are unable to function alone. The majority of agents earn money through commission, which is often a percentage of the selling price of the property. Depending on the brokerage an agent works for, the payout structure can change significantly. Being an agent offers a person plenty of opportunities to get experience when they start their real estate career.
  • Brokers have much greater leeway in how they want to organize their real estate careers. Since they aren’t employed by another company if they decide to work as an independent agent, they have more freedom in their professional lives. Additionally, they have the choice to start their own brokerage company and appoint real estate brokers to work directly for them. Possession of a broker’s license also makes chances in property management possible. These all give the broker the chance to investigate various commission plans that would ultimately work in their favor. Being a broker requires more effort, but many consider the reward to be well worth the additional schooling.

To summarize, real estate agents are professionals in the field who carry out real estate transactions on behalf of a brokerage. A broker can either establish their own brokerage and hire real estate agents to work for them, or they can work independently to facilitate real estate transactions.


Both real estate agents and real estate brokers are equally important professionals for our society. By forgoing the services of a real estate agent or broker during a real estate transaction, buyers and sellers may attempt to save money. It’s possible that buyers and sellers won’t save as much money by going through this procedure alone as they think. In order to help his clients, overcome their concerns at the best price, a seasoned real estate agent or broker would draw on his understanding of the local real estate market and his negotiating abilities.

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