If you are looking for suitable places to live in New South Wales, you have stumbled upon the right place to start. The diversity of the New South Wales area’s suburbs is one of the best aspects of looking for a place to reside.

People can choose a place to live that combines any number of benefits into the most suited package for them – be it price, scenery, schools, safety, nature, transportation, or any combination thereof – because there is such a vast range of options.

Based on our research and experience in the area of living estates in cities and towns all over Australia, we’ve taken all of the above (and more) into consideration to create our top 5 cities and towns to live in NSW.

This has to be kept in mind that price and value for money with the quality of life is highly crucial in terms of choosing a suitable city or town to live in.

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Top 5 Cities and Towns to live in NSW


What we liked about Concord: the attractive cityscape, the immaculately clean and well-maintained shopping strip, the wonderful parks, the safe, family-friendly environment, and the future enhanced infrastructure.

What we didn’t like about concord: the price, the current lack of train connectivity, and the lack of variety in the properties.

Concord strikes one of the best balances between delivering the most amount of services without appearing unduly crowded or obnoxious.

Its central shopping and dining hub has one of the best combinations of pubs, shops, and restaurants of any really residential “suburban” neighborhood, and there are few more family-friendly areas in the Inner West when it comes to access to quality schools and public spaces.


What we liked about Forster-Tuncurry: The natural resources and diversity, immaculate vibes of nature, and lakeside.
What we didn’t like about Forster-Tuncurry: The weather is a bit on the warmer side, but not as hot as the North.

Forster and Tuncurry are two cities separated by a stunning turquoise-blue lake. The air is clean, there are numerous gorgeous beaches, a welcoming community, and you are not exposed to either extreme of the weather spectrum.

It is mild in the winter. Newcastle is less than 2 hours away by car, while Sydney is 3.5 hours away by car. There is a wide diversity of fauna to be seen here.

You can see koalas, wallabies, and echidnas, goannas, snakes, and the unusual bandicoot. Overall, if you want to live in a place close to nature, this suburb will be perfect for you.


What we liked about Armidale: The availability of jobs and diverse lifestyle options.
What we didn’t like about Armidale: Populated area.

Armidale’s population makes it difficult to classify it as a tiny country town. Armidale is a cosmopolitan city located halfway between Sydney and Brisbane, surrounded by acres of farmland and gorgeous national parks.

It is home to the University of New England. Both cities are easily accessible by the regional airport and the CountryLink Train. This means you won’t have to commute to a nearby city for a good career, and you won’t have to spend a fortune on a home to retain it.

Armidale is also one of only 20 Australian cities with a reliable and consistent water supply. Armidale is home to a plethora of cultural and historical attractions, including wineries, waterfalls, museums, and art galleries.

If you crave the outdoors, there are lots of boutique stores as well as larger retail malls to suit all of your shopping needs, as well as a variety of leisure activities such as fishing, biking paths, and golf clubs.


What we liked about Casuarina: Nice, laid-back, upscale neighborhood to live in.
What we didn’t like about Casuarina: Pricier living standards.

Young families, professionals, and retirees make up the majority of the demographic of Casuarina. There are retail centers with nearly all of the stores you would require (medical center, chemist, Coles, hairdresser, vet, bottle-shop, barber, real-estate, pizza, Japanese, bakery, surf shop, travel agent, butcher).

Various amenities including gyms, cafes are available across the street. These additions now complement the existing cafes and restaurants.

The beach is fantastic, and it’s usually close by. Parks are never far away. The space is spotless and modern, and it has a high-end vibe. It’s a short ride north to Kingscliff or south to Cabarita on the bike trail.

The location is ideal, being 30 minutes north of Byron Bay, 15 minutes south of the Gold Coast – Coolangatta (international airport), and about an hour south of Brisbane.

Public transportation (buses) to Tweed Heads and then to the Gold Coast is available regularly.

Dulwich Hill

What we liked about Dulwich Hill: Attractive streetscape, beautiful parks, lovely architecture, central location, decent cafe scene, and tram accessibility.
What we didn’t like: the pricing and the lack of big-box stores.

Dulwich Hill, our top recommendation for a place to live in the Inner West, encapsulates the finest of the region in a very compact little cluster. Its streetscape is charming, and its park spaces are filled with a diverse range of botanic species.

The suburb’s flower-heavy and frequently quite colorful residences are often great examples of both Art Deco architecture and talented gardening.

Its cafe and bar culture is thriving, and locals and visitors alike may often be found dining and drinking al fresco. Public transportation is also a huge asset here; with heavy rail, tram, and several bus routes, getting from one place to another is never difficult, and the city is only a 20-minute train journey away.

Dulwich Hill is also in a great location, giving it easy access to a variety of other suburbs around, each of which has something unique to offer – Marrickville for cocktails, Petersham for dining, and Ashfield for shopping, for example – while still being able to return home to peace and quiet.

We hope you are decided on your perfect place to live in NSW with our guidance. Helping you find your best place to live is our utmost priority and we thrive to help you with our best efforts.