In this modern age, most of us want to do the type of work that provides us with the flexibility of both freedom and time. And a career that serves both these facilities is to become a real estate agent.

With the flexibility of both freedom and time, this job allows you to earn a massive amount of money from a young age.

What is Real Estate Agent

A person that works with the management of representation of properties along with arranging appointments for buyers and sellers, is a real estate agent.

These agents have the freedom to go make their schedule while marketing their own business and generating leads. Real estate agents also require a license to pursue this career.


To become a real estate agent there are some requirements you need to have for the better performance and evaluation of your career. Which are:

  • To be at least 18 years or above depending on the state requirement.
  • To have a legal residency.
  • Passing in the real estate licence examination to get the licence.
  • Completing education for pre-license.
  • Taking proper decisions based on individual choice

Being a real estate agent has proven to be beneficial for a lot of individuals along with being a fun career. That is one of the many reasons why I prefer to become a real estate agent. On that note, it is necessary to see why anyone would want to become a real estate agent.

Reasons to Become a Real Estate Agent

1. Work from home

We all know it is quite exhausting to work in the traditional day-long working jobs. Most people believe that they are more effective and skilled when they can work in peace with the flexibility of comfort.

A work from home job is a perfect example of the following. A real estate agent has the flexibility of dealing with clients while staying at home.

While negotiating deals, checking available options, meeting new people, marketing and even finding new clients, all can be done by staying at home. This allows the agent to have much more free time than that of a full day working person.

2. No requirement of degrees

According to, about 23% of students choose to drop out of college and try to establish themselves on their own. Many reasons involve this action taken by students. Such as financial pressure, lack of family financial support, long time to get a degree, poor performance and many others.

While getting degrees is quite expensive, real estate education is subtle and easy to pursue. While being cost-effective, it is also brief and can be completed on any schedule from your desired comfort.

3. No dress code

One of the boring factors of working in an office of a company is to follow a dress code. And working as a real estate agent doesn’t require having any dress code which is one of the biggest advantages of becoming a real estate agent.

You get to have the freedom to build and grow your business with your most profitable asset. You also get to build an authentic brand along with carving your niche. This not only brings out creativity but also boosts confidence.

4. Flexible schedule

Being a real estate agent grants you huge facilities like making your schedule. You have the freedom to dictate the time and schedule in whatever way you like.

It is entirely up to me how fast or how slow I want to get the work done. Be it a 7day vacation plan or a 10-hour rest, the shaping of the schedule is all up to me.

5. Connecting with new people

Being a real estate agent provides you with a great opportunity to connect with new people around you. As networking is a very crucial part to create new relationships and understanding your surroundings. This job enables me to connect with larger groups of people along with enhancing my social skills.

To pursue more leads, a greater network of people is necessary to get on board with. And we can easily connect with more people while handling the firms which will help us learn about people from all walks of life.

6. Income

One of the greatest advantages of being a real estate agent is that my income capacity is unlimited and directed according to me. If you become a real estate agent, you will have the freedom to set your income.

As it is a commissioned based work, agents set their limitations and amount of money. Most agents are flexible with 2.5%-3% of the property’s sale price.

For example, if a property is sold for $1,000,000, then the agent receives from $25,000 – $35,000. Real estate agents also have the freedom to choose the number of clients which gives us the flexibility of making huge income per year.

7. Business owner

As real estate agents have the freedom of creating their schedules, choosing clients and choosing the amount of work, we are also called entrepreneurs.

We run our business even though we work under a broker to conduct legal business by selling real estate. Each agent can decide procedures of using resources in their business plans whilst brokers support agents with marketing or lead generation.

Being a people business and a big opportunity of connecting with a wider range of people, the real estate business provides a lot of benefits.

The bottom line

The real estate business is steadily growing and providing opportunities we never dreamt of before. Being a real estate agent has drastically changed my life by progressing my career and helped me stabilise on my feet.

I not only adopted new skills but also learned and evolved every step of the way. I am in fact, enjoying all the aspects of this job as it provides me with so many flexibilities with freedom.

If you want to pursue a career that you want to enjoy and earn sufficient money with a wide range of opportunities, you should certainly try to become a real estate agent.